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Stroke awareness

According to the Stroke Foundation, stroke kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer. They can also cause considerable disability for those who survive the initial damage. Most strokes are actually preventable, but people aren't aware of the risks.

There is a simple online risk assessment on the stroke foundation's website to show you your stroke risk. It also provides ideas about what you can do towards setting up a healthier version of you. (

We also like to remind people about the simple mnemonic used by the Stroke Foundation for the signs of potential stroke, FAST. This is how you can look at a person and be concerned enough to call for help, potentially saving their life and their abilities. FAST is Facial droop, use of Arms, Speech slurring, and Time. Time meaning act fast and call for help.

Stroke awareness is one of the points we look at in our helpful hints when giving consultations or seminars. We also discuss it and a number of other health concerns to be alert to for people in their later years, in our Journey Guide.

Take the risk check and stay safe.

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