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Coming from experience

About Later Years Support

Everyone is on a journey in life. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate when there seems to be blocks along the way. Getting older and needing some support is often one of life's journeys that we weren't quite prepared for.

It was this premise that led two sisters to start a business based on assistance, support and a view to making the journey a shared experience.  Based on practical and supportive help. We use the metaphor of the journey and the rail lines to show we aim to keep on track, in whichever direction you wish to go. We aim to make the journey a better one.

As both founding directors are experienced nurses, our business is firmly based in sound professional foundations and ethical standards,

We wish you well-being and some luck on your journey, and hope our experience can offer you the support of a fellow traveler along the way.

Providing you with decades of experience 

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Julie Cheney R.N. 

Julie has worked as a registered nurse for over 30 years. In hospitals, in community nursing and in education and workplace training in aged care and community services. Julie has higher education in Clinical Nursing, Wound Management, and Tertiary and Adult education. Her experience has taught her about the complexity of the aged care sector, about people and their choices and about the need to fill the gaps in structured services..

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Kadie Cheney R.N.

Kadie has worked as a registered nurse for over 40 years. Her time was spent initially in emergency nursing, and later in tertiary education in nursing. Kadie has founded and directed businesses both in health and hospitality. Kadie was also key carer to our parents during their years of need. Her experience led her to question how difficult it must be for other families and to want to make a difference.

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