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Thinking ahead for holiday season

Older people often need some additional thoughts and preparation at this time of year. Here are some strategies to make it easier for them a

Food safety for older people

Food safety dates, frequency of food turnover, remembering when things were purchased and properly storing foods can cause problems for olde

Ageism- it’s getting old!

A brief view of a big problem. Reminding us of the individuals behind the older person's face.

Burning out - Lets think about carers.

Carers of older people will be increasing in number as our population ages. Carer burnout is a problem we must be alert to and prepare for.

Sights are set on Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration causes significant impact on vision and can cause blindness. It has links to genetics so runs in families. The effects

Elder abuse - can you believe it?

Current estimates in Queeensland are that around 5% of people over 65 are affected by elder abuse. It's serious enough that it is now...

Changing for the better

Supporting elderly people through decision making to keep their home safer or to realise they need to be in an easier environment helps them

Influenza - influences your lifespan

Influenza in people in their later years is dangerous. Symptoms can be masked and the debilitating effects can make it hard for elderly peop

Tears over skin tears

Skin tears are painful and can lead to serious consequences. Care to prevent them and care to strengthen fragile skin can make a huge differ

Taking the Fall

Falling over is often a laughable moment in TV programmes and family video nights, but for people in their later years, they're not so...

Community care: Where can I go?

This article lists some of the services you might be eligible for to support your later years in the home.


We should be cautious about taking away all the jobs a person must do and taking away the language of work which adds a level of meaningfuln

Dementia - Learning more

Have you heard people say, "They have Alzheimer's Disease not dementia"? Dementia is an umbrella term for many disorders that

Planning in Advance

The key is to start thinking about it, then start talking about it. If you want, you even have the provision of writing it down as either a

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