Changing for the better

Supporting elderly people through decision making to keep their home safer or to realise they need to be in an easier environment helps them

Tears over skin tears

Skin tears are painful and can lead to serious consequences. Care to prevent them and care to strengthen fragile skin can make a huge differ

Taking the Fall

Falling over is often a laughable moment in TV programmes and family video nights, but for people in their later years, they're not so funny. Falls account for significant levels of disability, loss of independence and hosptialisations in older people. Many of them are preventable. Balance is a big problem for a lot of older people. Their balance systems in their ears and vision might not be as effective. Muscles and joints that don't work so well or respond as quickly when t

A pill for every ill? Over-medication in your later years.

Do you take more than a few medications? Have you been taking some for many years in the same way? Do you remember what you take all of them for? When a person is in their later years, their body changes in so many ways. The way the older person's internal processes work also changes. This means the way the chemicals in medications interact in an older person's body can mean medications are taken up faster or slower, or they have greater interactions with each other. This can

Community care: Where can I go?

This article lists some of the services you might be eligible for to support your later years in the home.


We should be cautious about taking away all the jobs a person must do and taking away the language of work which adds a level of meaningfuln

Dementia - Learning more

Have you heard people say, "They have Alzheimer's Disease not dementia"? Dementia is an umbrella term for many disorders that

Planning in Advance

The key is to start thinking about it, then start talking about it. If you want, you even have the provision of writing it down as either a

Diabetes help

For people in their later years, knowing that management is possible is a critical point for their health.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

This is an overview of the impact of heat on people in their later years and some strategies for how to approach their need to keep up fluid

Chickenpox and shingles

Have you ever had chickenpox? If you have, did you know it is the precursor, or that it starts you down the line to potentially getting Shingles later in life? Herpes Zoster, or Shingles, is when the chickenpox virus does not completely disappear from the body, but stays dormant in the nerves close to the spine. As a person gets older (usually over 40), and often when stressed or when the body is already under fire from other disease processes, the virus can reappear in the f